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Routine-Weekly Maintenance for Your Residence or Estate


Our dependable experienced Service Techs provide the very best quality services and materials keeping your pool clean and healthy. We are a Full Service company, our service calls consist of the following:

  • Testing and balancing water chemistry
  • Skimming and netting surface top and bottom
  • Brushing needed areas (steps, walls, spa, etc.)
  • Cleaning out skimmer basket, pump baskets
  • Backwashing filter system
  • Vacuum or Leaf removal
  • Empty pool sweep bags
  • We communicate with you thru door hangers to remind you to add water or other comments that may come up

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Additional Services


Filter Cleanings – Conditioning of Pool Water

A courtesy reminder is sent out each season with a breakdown of costs. Most pools this service is needed 1x per year annually. The filter will be disassembled, cleaned inside and out, recharged with D.E., and lubrication will be applied, any damaged parts, grids, and o-rings will be replaced and you will be charged accordingly. Cartridge filters will be disassembled cleaned inside and out and lubrication will be applied. When necessary cartridges that are in need of replacement will be done so and the price will reflect the cost for the replacement cartridges, any damaged parts, and o-rings will be replaced and you will be charged accordingly.

To condition pool water and stabilize chlorine chemistry, stabilizer-conditioner will be added to your pool. Cost for conditioner is priced per pound.

Natural Healthy Water Minerals

All of the pools we service have some type of healthy water technology. If your pool is a Salt based system or an Ultra Violet Light UV based system, then your pool needs no additional minerals. The mineral cartridges or packs are natural minerals utilizing copper, silver, and zinc to greatly reduce the harsh chlorine additive to pool water resulting in excellent algae control, beautiful water chemistry greatly reducing burning eyes, skin irritation, and chorine smell. Wonderful water my customers love!

New Equipment Installations and Repairs

Filters • Variable Speed Pumps • Cleaners • Heaters • Computerized Automation • Salt System Generators • Natural Water Chemistry

We are experts in the field of plumbing and electrical for all your pool and spa needs. With over 20 years of trend setting techniques and utilizing professional grade components and materials you will be thrilled with any equipment job we perform for you! Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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New Pool Water Start-Up

This service is for newly constructed or newly remodeled pools. Once the water is filling in the pool having a start up expert on the job is critical for the success of the new finish on the pool. Not having the start up performed by a professional can almost certainly guarantee damage to your new pools finish and equipment.

We are one of the very, very few companies who have performed hundreds of traditional as well as Acid start ups on all types of finishes. We are experts in the start up process and follow the guidelines of the National Plaster Council. It takes approximately 28 days for the initial cure of the pool finish. Start ups traditionally take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Leak Detection

Think you have a leak? Do you suspect your pool or spa is loosing water? We suggest you read our advice on determining if you might have a leak BEFORE you call for a leak detection.

Read More About Leak Detection

Algae Clean Up

Has the pool been neglected or has your pool person simply disappeared? Inevitably we receive calls like this every season. “My pool guy just dropped of the face of the earth!” regardless of the reason, we can get the pool back to beautiful for you.

  • Full water analysis to determine course of action
  • Water treatment and balancing
  • Filter Split or Cleaning


The Dilemma: About 10 years ago the water municipalities began adding phosphates to the water supply. The phosphates coat the inside of the water supply pipes; they did this in an effort to prolong the life of the old pipes in the ground. Unfortunately there is an undesirable side effect that has taken place on pools because of the addition of phosphates. Every time water is now added to pools, phosphates are added along with the water. The problem is phosphates are the primary food source of algae. Therefore, even with balanced pool water algae can begin to bloom and flourish.

Our Solution: We are pro active in removing phosphates. We test for phosphates and remove them. Nevertheless, even with our approach sometimes the phosphates will build up very quickly (likely because of a “clump” of phosphates in the pipeline) and the result is algae bloom. When this occurs we test for and remove the phosphates.